How Powerful is the Caribbean?

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I pray that 2018 would be an awesome and prosperous year for you. Once again, thank you for supporting my blog “Beacon Of Flavor”. As a Christian, I use this platform to address topics of Christianity, the Bible and Faith, as well as other social topics and issues. I believe […]

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Slave Trades: Changing Demographic Dynamics

Slavery has existed almost as long as human and human settlements have. It has been discovered that organized slave industries have been in existence in ancient civilizations such as Sumer, Kemet (related to ancient Egypt) and many others. Slavery became synonymous with civilizations that implemented social stratification, where societies experienced separation of their human inhabitants […]

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The Future of the Nation

In my country, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the entire month of May is designated as “Child’s month”. Throughout this month marches are held in the streets, radio and television programs are created to inform the public about activities, the general public is sensitized on issues facing children in general nationally, regionally and internationally, and…well….its […]

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