Movement of a Forward nature


In constructing this post I had to do a lot of introspection. It has been many months since my last blog post. Life seemingly got busy, I had many tasks to fulfill, and quite frankly I didn’t see the continuity of this venture being something of a priority.  So, I had to ask myself, “is it worth continuing ?”.


My actions and thoughts reminded me of an old fable by the ancient Greek story teller, Aesop, where the dog wanted to retrieve the reflection of a bone because it seemed bigger than the real one he had in his mouth (I believe that’s how the story went…I think). Sometimes we tend to focus on the “really big” tasks or achieve the “really big”achievements that we don’t enjoy the actual process. Everything takes time and it would be wise to take certain things in steps. By doing that, you are able to analyze your journey better. Such an analysis will then help you to appreciate your progressive movements throughout life even more. Therefore, whether the small steps come first or the large ones are about to take place, all must be done to achieve a movement of a Forward nature.

Going forward can be quite scary. Most of the times the pathway can’t be seen, which means the end result is somewhere out of sight, hiding from your desperate visuals! Also, you know the cliche terms: “the road will be rocky”, “the going would get tough” and “the journey would be filled with ups and downs”. Although these sayings tend to be overused at times, being cliches do not subtract anything from their accuracy. We live in a world that is focused on embracing conformity, a world that is not always welcoming to ideas and innovation that may come from isolated, unknown, lowly people or places. Our task, especially as Christians, is not to conform but to stand out; to be salt and light, the taste and the shine.

This is the aim of Beacons of Flavor; to achieve and to help motivate others to achieve the higher calling in Christ which should be set in our sights. This also shows that “YES CHAD, this is a venture worth continuing!”. Knowing God, making Him known, doing justly, loving mercy and walking humbly before him is what is required. So, why become stagnant? Maybe your breakthrough, your deliverance, your healing, your restoration, your peace of mind, and of course even your salvation will start by you forgetting the world and its standards and, towards Christ Jesus, make a movement of a Forward nature.




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