ReVolution over ReSolution


Lets face it…it would be inevitable for us not to set, attempt to set, or think about setting New Year resolutions. Its quite an emotional time; making it through an entire year, with increased sensitivity as to the fact that the unexpected can happen and therefore we must be prepared. Also, such a time gives us a feeling of “rebirth” – that there is still hope and still a chance to start fresh. What better time to start new than the New Year?! Such times show how much we can possibly value renewed hope, but a few days into the actual new year, when resolutions are long forgotten, we realize how temporal our human nature really is.

Now, dont think that because I am the author, means that I am not guilty of this. I can remember many “end of December” moments, where I would sit and contemplate all my faulty areas and how I can….wait sorry…WILL fix them in the upcoming year. Then, after New Year’s day passes, I would remember my resolution….probably around the 8th…or 15th…or 30th (I should be ashamed, I know). However, upon thinking about it more, maybe we should give the resolution-setting a break and focus more on making change, true change. Maybe the essence of it all is not  to wait for the change to happen but to actually work towards the change happening. Maybe it should not be just about Resolutionary change, but more REVOLUTIONARY change.

One of the most amazing topics in the subject of history tend to be ones that depict the great Revolutions that occur over time. These Revolutions have seen the rise and fall of monarchs and governing systems. We can think of various Revolutions. We can think about the resistance of the children of Israel in escaping the clutches of the Egyptian empire, the rise of the Jews over Philistine rule, and the resistance of the Spartans and Greeks against the Persians, as well as more modern revolts such as the French, American, Haitian, and Cuban revolutions. Whether good or bad change, change was inevitable and transformation was evident; so evident that when the past and the present are compared, vast changes can be seen.We can apply such principles to our lives as we think about making change, change that we know would be needed and necessary.

In making change, one must (1) have desire, (2) have a model, (3) be dedicated, and (4) experience continual growth. Steps 3 and 4 can be classified as self-explanatory, where one must be committed to the resolution made and even ensure that continual enhancements are made to prevent stagnation. However, steps 1 and 2 are sometimes heavily overlooked and/or underestimated. Firstly, having a genuine desire for change is needed, and note the word “genuine”. It entails “authentic” change, a 180 degree turn to the complete contrast. It must be change that you desire to make because it would make you the person you need to be, even if its not the person you think you should be or want to be. In ensuring one’s desires are genuine, you must then consider step 2, a step that is the most overlooked of all – having a model. A model gives us the clear imagery of someone or some ideal in which we would like to fashion or situation/s or our lives after. A model must be one void of as much flaws as possible. Jesus presented himself as the ultimate model, being void of sin – the model of perfection. Observing a model would then help us realize what desires we should have and therefore pursue such needed change. Maybe we would want to observe our parents as models for our own marriages, or even professionals as models for our fields of profession. Even when we might not admit it, every change that we choose to make would be based on some model of observance. As a Christian, any change that I make would and should be based on the model set by Jesus Christ, depicted in the Bible – the living Word of God. Even upon observing history, both the French and the American revolutions were influenced by each other, despite the distance between both countries. Observing a model would be inevitable and needed in making change. The question is, what model or ideal would you follow or adopt to help bring change?

The genesis of Revolution is the acceptance of an ideal. An ideal/model would spring forth ideas, and in turn, ideas would spring forth action, and action tangible results. When considering making change, would you rather be the usual resolver, or a revolutionary? Would you rather talk about change and then drop it or make change that will last? What about the actual change itself? Is it really needed? Beneficial? Achievable? Is the model that i being followed right?

As I sit here, I think about all that this New Year would have to offer. It will be quite a historic year, both in world as well as in my life. Maybe its a good time to put on some military clothing and march around with an army or something. Well…maybe not…maybe a bit more simplicity would be required. One thing I do know, for such a time as this, the regular resolver would have to be silent, for the rising revolutionary must launch out! Blessed Love Everytime,

Be The Taste, Be The Shine!

Chad Greaves


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