Leaving a Godly Legacy


Evangelist William Muckett (1948 – 2013)
Dr. Myles Munroe (1954 – 2014)


Pastor Bertril Baird (1944 – 2014)

I remember watching super hero films and feeling sad when the plot would twist and the hero would die. Those plot twists also occur in reality and it was quite evident of the continual twisting during this year (2014). This year, different men and women of God went home to be with the Lord, a moment of sadness for those who would miss them but a moment of triumph because,….well…they made it. They finished the race well and now are enjoying eternity with Jesus, the King of Kings himself. In this post, I want to pay tribute to three men of God who passed away (two in 2014 and one in 2013) and who have played a great role in encouraging me, both directly and indirectly.

As early in my Christian faith as I could remember, the name “Dr. Myles Munroe” always rang a bell. “You know he from the Caribbean, right?!” was a saying that people would always tell me when looking at him on internationally viewed television shows and looking at the various books that he wrote. What impacted me most of all was his “vybe”, the priority he placed on spreading the message of the Kingdom of God and abiding to Kingdom principles. This message he preached not only benefited the church, but it also benefited business men and governments. It was encouraging to see a “Caribbean man” be elevated to such heights and accomplish such great feats while being such an encouragement and inspiration to all.

Pastor Bertril Baird was also a renowed minister the world over. Born on the small island of Tobago, his influence and ministry reached all across the globe, including right in my home country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where he was the senior pastor of the Faith Temple assembly for some years. Many lives have been touched by his message, including mine. I remember looking at how he emphasized on building youth to basically make provisions for the leadership of the church for the generations to come. The impact and very nature of the man was seen in the lives of various people I encountered, all having nothing but greatness to utter about the man.

Of the three men I highlighted, I must pay a special tribute to the one I had the closest encounter with – Evangelist William Muckett. Although not as world renowned as Dr. Munroe and Pastor Baird, Evangelist Muckett was a powerful man of God who I had the privilege of working alongside. My home church (Open Bible Standard Church, Kingstown, St. Vincent) was having a string of crusade meetings and we worked alongside Ps. Muckett and his team. It was amazing to see the vigour and the passion that this man had for spreading the gospel and it encouraged me tremendously. I remember observing how powerful his voice was, visualising the sound waves travelling to every reach of wherever we were and beyond the geographical limits. His humility was also a breath of fresh air, continually urging us to simply call him “Brother Muckett” instead of “Evangelist” or “Pastor” or “Reverend”. He would always state how important it was for us to be united and help each other, not seeing ourselves greater than another, but to be united and fulfil one of Christ’s last commands to us, which was for us to be one, just as He and God the Father are one.

My tribute to these men is a short one but it was one that had to be done. I realized the importance of leaving a Godly legacy behind. Leaving a Godly legacy does not have to wait until death. I have learnt to leave a Godly legacy everywhere I go. From travelling to different countries to travelling to the supermarket; let it always be known who you are and whose you are. To the family and friends of these great men and the various men and women who would have passed on, I convey my condolences. Be hopeful in every situation. For even when sin and sorrow is abounding, grace is ever abounding more. Let the church be legacy creators, let us impact this world in these dark and gloomy times. Let us please the King, as we patiently await for His return, being thankful for His sacrifice made over 2000 years ago; a legacy that saved humanity. BE THE TASTE AND BE THE SHINE!


Blessed Love every time,

Chad Greaves






2 thoughts on “Leaving a Godly Legacy

  1. This is quite a touching and sobering tribute Chad. You’ve given me/ us (readers) a lot to reflect on, and for that I am truly grateful. As our faith is daily tested by changes and challenges all around, we no doubt need these gentle reminders regarding our purpose here on earth.

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