When Silence Falls

“When Hope is lost, I’ll call you Saviour,

When Pain surrounds, I’ll call you Healer,

When Silence Falls, You’ll be the song within my heart.”

The above words were penned as the chorus for the song “When the tears fall” from Christian recording artiste Tim Hughes’ 2004 sophomore album “When Silence Falls”. Although he is more popularly known as the guy who wrote “Here I am to worship”, this song has been one that has struck me very deeply- in a good way meaning. The entire album itself is not one of immense popularity in Christian music; almost anyone you ask might not have even heard of it. However, in all honestly, it is one of my favourite albums of all time, mainly because the entire theme was one that was not popularly considered.

A friend recently asked me a very important question. The question was “is it bad when you sometimes have nothing to say to God and you are just there in silence?”. We as human beings would usually and deliberately join silence with negative externalities. If one is silent then something is bothering one’s mind. We are taught the art of loud expressions, bursting colours of rainbow-like vibes that would penetrate those around us, sending the message that we are living life and living it loud. We are taught to express our feelings, not to hold anything back or hold anything in. Let the tears flow, let it all out. We shouldn’t be afraid to just speak and not hold anything in. Then, there are those times; times when no strength can be found. There are no colours bursting, no expressions given, no feelings confessed…just silence.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The silence I speak about is not one of a deadly nature. Silence of a deadly nature entails placing a zipper on the mouth when evil is shouting. It entails not standing for Jesus in evil times when there would be a need for someone to stand and speak out for His name’s sake and His glory. That, my friend, is a deadly silence. However, the silence I speak of is one in which all strength has been taken due to hardship, confusion or even desperation. I once saw a quote and, although I am not sure who the author is, it states :

A meaningful Silence is always better than meaningless Words.

The continual utterance of words and portrayal of actions can be needed at times but it can sometimes cause a clutter in your life that you simply need an escape from. Even the concept of prayer is one that also incorporates aspects of silence, as God himself is quite the gentleman, not desiring to talk while you are talking to interrupt you. Therefore, we should do the same, as prayer is indeed communication and not a soliloquy. This shows that silence itself shows a sense of both our current state of weakness and our desperation for strength, answers and hope.  James 1:19 says “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;”. Its amazing how this is emphasized, showing that the Bible realizes the true nature and tendencies of man. We are encouraged to be “slow to speak and slow to be angry”. Speaking quickly can increase the chance of irrational and regrettable speech and words are quite powerful. The old “sticks and stones” saying is not as authentic and applicable as we would like or think it to be.  We can hurt God, others and even ourselves by things we may say. Being slow to speak doesnt mean using your smartphone and recording yourself speaking in super-slow mode. It entails being extremely careful as to what issues from your tongue; an organ containing life and death within its power. Along with being careful not to hurt others or claim harm and destruction on oneself, we must be slow to speak as every word that we utter would be noted and judged by God himself. This therefore shows the importance of words, their meaning and their power to bring change. Encouragement was also issued to us to be slow to anger, as being quick to act on anger can lead to consequences of grave repercussions. However, we are encouraged to be quick to hear. This trait would help us to analyze statements, situations and opinions better to have greater insight as to what may have happened, what reality is, or what decision we must make.

Exodus 14:14 states “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent”. This entails silence in speech and action. It is a good thing to do one’s part and act; God loves and requires us to do such. However, actions must not take place to cause a greater dependence on our feeble efforts over God’s limitless potential and power. He promised His children, as they were escaping from Egypt, that He would fight for them, and that promise is applicable to today’s various situations and happenings. We only have to be silent.

Today, you may feel like silence is deafening around you. Opportunities seem dead and things seem generally meaningless. However, God wants you to know that He will fight for you today. You are His child and He requires that you be dependent totally on Him, i.e., be silent before Him. Also, if you dont know Him today, please know Him. Know that even when silence is killing you, you can only escape it by being silent, or rather, surrendering to and depending on Him. Know that hope is ever rising, even when silence falls. BE THE TASTE AND BE THE SHINE!


Blessed Love every time!

Chad Greaves


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