2014…..history in the making!

2014- will history be made?
2014- will history be made?

A blessed Happy New Year to everyone. We all will be quite enthused in the formulation of our various resolutions and plans to ensure that this year, 2014, be a year of positive change and transformation. Many of us this year would hope to encounter various life changing moments. Some may be finishing school, others may be starting. Some will be born, some will die. Some will become engaged, some will become married. The truth is that every year and every moment that is afforded to us is a chance for us to create history. It is a pleasant feeling when one looks back at  life moments and begin to smile, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Regrets are never something we want to be a part of our daily living. However, even such negativities seem to inevitably “stomp” their way into our lives, turning moments into situations and circumstances (words we wish weren’t known in our language). Therefore, we will ask, “what really is in store for us for this year?”

While attending the New Year’s eve service which was held in my church, the preacher delivered a message which was taken from Joshua 3: 1-17 (aka the entire chapter). The chapter highlighted the Israelites’ journey over the Jordan River as they marched into the promised land which God had ordained for them to inherit. Specific instructions were given for Joshua to relay to the people. Crossing the Jordan River was anything but an easy task. It was wide, it was deep, and the flow of the river could wash them all away with ease (the “wash away” part was said via my human capacity in making assumptions but I think you will agree with me that its a safe assumption to make). Yet the river represented the final step of a 40 year long journey through the wilderness to the land of Canaan. It represented the final major obstacle before their entrance. It did not signal the end of obstacles for them, as Joshua said:

“Hereby ye shall know that the living God is among you, and that he will without fail drive out from before you the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Hivites, and the Perizzites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Jebusites.” – Joshua 3:10

After passing over the Jordan, they still had to face many enemies and drive them out to attain the promises God had for them.

These challenges were inevitable. They were in the way of what was going to be afforded to the children of Israel and therefore facing them was a must. They had a choice but if they didnt face them they would never attain the promised land. We all have many Jordans and Canaanites to face and deal with. Human nature wishes that challenges not occur but necessary results require that such challenges be overcome. It would not be wise to think that 2014 would be void of all such challenges. It would also not be wise to think that all resolutions would be fulfilled with ease. Many would tell you it takes effort, hard work and determination. However, such attributes are dependent on the human resource of accomplishment. What would happen when we run out of energy and will power? What would energize us? What would be there to motivate us to cross all our Jordans and chase out all our Canaanites? Is it possible to have a source of strength whose power source is infinite? It was always taught that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only change form, but what about the very source of all energy, of all power?

God has promised various times in his word that He will never leave you and that you must never be fearful. For 2014, it would be best to set and fulfill the resolution of trusting God and knowing Him more. After all, He created you. He knows exactly why He placed you in a world where there are so many Jordans and so many Canaanites. He wants history to be accomplished in His creation; History that will give Him Glory and Honour. So for this year, let every obstacle be overcome and let God be glorified. Trust Him, depend on Him, and always remember to BE THE TASTE AND BE THE SHINE!



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