Generation “YES”?



I remember, as a little boy, I would attempt to do anything to prove that I had some ounce of manly strength within me, just like my father. I would wanna try to lift heavy things, to strenuous chores, try make big money, to feel that essence of manliness dripped into my seemingly juvenile mixture. However, I was emphatically greeted many times with the statement “no Chad, NOO!”. That “no” word bounced through my mind like an unwanted Frisbee and I wanted to feel the unhampered wind of manliness and freedom. I was ready for greatness, I was ready for now now now! I was ready to show that I am all about YES YES YES!

In calling this generation a generation “Yes”, there could be several implications made. As a reader, you must understand that I am not in support of every answer always being “yes”. Sometimes the best answers are “no” and “wait awhile” or “be patient”, or even “absolutely not”. Then there is the other side to this generation “yes”, the side where the expression of talent and the utilization of talent to gain and income and to further one’s self has been stamped with a big green “YES” by the individual, yet society has stamped it with a big red “NO”. Let us take a look at both sides in depth.


Both sides of this Generation YES portrays two youthful traits; impatience and ambition. The first side stated before reveals the impatient side. This is the side where this Generation YES would love to here YES for everything. If a young lady wants to dress in any clothing of her choice (revealing, concealing or non-existent) she would rather hear “YES” from her parents rather than a stern rebuke. For the young men, instead of hearing “be back home by 9 pm” they would rather hear “YES, stay out as late as you can”. It goes way back to the toddler stage, when babies would tell themselves “YES touch the fire” but would begin crying if the instruction of “NO’ is given, followed by the parental tugging of the hand away from the flame. It then goes right up to the moment when a young lady would avail herself to any and any young man, and vice versa, without wanting to hear the stern warning of “NO, it is not wise” or “NO,think about it” or “NO, pray about it”. Then there is the choice making in terms of jobs, schooling, career opportunities, and the like. Sometimes we want to say YES, but must ask ourselves, “should we?”.

The other side is what I described as the ambitious side. This side gives revelation to the case where “NO” isn’t always the best answer, especially for an ambitious young individual.  As a university student and an individual heavily involved in youth ministry at church, I encounter various cases of what I call “unhealthy passion sacrifice” (that moniker is mines, I’ll copyright it haha).  Various people pursue degrees, subjects and jobs only because society approves them as legitimate and conducive to money production. However, the youth suffer inside. Many lawyers sit in their offices wishing to get paint brushes and slash colors across canvases. Many people sitting at desks wish they were working in medical fields to help other in need, or in recording studios producing and playing music. These are their true passions, but these passions are sacrificed for various reasons, which later would become unhealthy for the individual.


It is time that our Generation “YES” wake up to the realities and the possibilities. In these very disturbing days, discernment and ingenuity are needed more than ever. In Judges 6, we encounter a young man by the name of Gideon. God had called Gideon to deliver Israel from the hands of the Midianites, but  Gideon had everything else but good self esteem. After all, you would say he should right? The times were hard. But in actuality those times aren’t much different from now, except with the enhancement of technology. Just as the Midianites caused oppression upon the land, so is oppression still peaking its ugly head above our horizons, which were intended to be the scene of our sunrises of hope. Today, marriages are falling apart, young people are dropping out of school when they shouldn’t, corruption is everywhere, sexually transmitted diseases are spreading like wildfire, fueled by continually burning tanks of lusts. Its a huge mess! This Generation YES, however, is placed in the same position as Gideon. We have the power to both say YES and to discern whether to say YES or not. In the case of Gideon, Gideon didn’t believe he could do what God called him to do. However, Gideon was greeted with this powerful message:

“And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him, and said unto him, the LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valor.”

– Judges 6:12 (KJV)

This Generation must know that God is with them and God wants to be with them always. This Generation must know that they are might and full of valor. This Generation must realize that the choices of today would affect the tomorrow of their lives and the lives of those around them. There would be a time to exercise that “YES” power and then there will be a time when the “NO” option should be embraced. Today, our Generation “YES” should rather be Generation “BLESSED”, Generation “HOPE”, Generation “FAITH”, Generation “LOVE”. Let this be the generation that would be bold for Christ. Gideon was afraid, but God didnt leave him up. Gideon later on, in Judges 8, led Israel to a marvelous victory over the Midianites. Anything is possible with God. There are times, though, that people would not appreciate what God uses you to do. Even in Gideon’s case this was so, for in Judges 8: 35 it stated that the children of Israel did not show kindness to the house of Jerubbaal (Gideon’s house), according to all the goodness that he had showed to them. However, dont just be a Generation “YES” who would thrive on hearing a “YES” from anyone, be a GENERATION “TRUST GOD”, so that all decisions you make will please Him, whether or not society will be appreciative.

Be the revolution that is needed, be the change, and most of all, BE THE TASTE, BE THE SHINE!

Blessed Love Every time,

Chad Greaves




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