Times like these require more

When someone requires “more” from you it can be a bit frustrating to both hear and execute such a task. Asking for more from someone can come off as asking beyond what their physical limits can provide. Parents would ask their children to “study more” or to “focus more” in school. Children would ask their […]

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How Powerful is the Caribbean?

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I pray that 2018 would be an awesome and prosperous year for you. Once again, thank you for supporting my blog “Beacon Of Flavor”. As a Christian, I use this platform to address topics of Christianity, the Bible and Faith, as well as other social topics and issues. I believe […]

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Update: We’re On YouTube

When I started this blog, I had a vision to develop it into something beyond a blog. That’s happening slowly, but surely. I am a Christian, first and foremost. I love music, science, technology, history, sports, etc. Beacon Of Flavor is an avenue through which various topics belonging to these (and more) categories can be […]

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